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Cardigans have two variations of black coat color; black & white with brindle points and black & white with tan points.  While both are technically "tri-colored" most Cardigan breeders reserve the term "tri-color" for tan pointed dogs and refer to the ones with brindle points as "brindled tri-color," "black & white" or correctly "black & white with brindle points."

In many breeds the pattern of tri-color or black & tan dogs is expressed as a black saddle on the back of a red or tan dog.  In Cardigans the black extends over the entire body with tan or brindle being limited to "points" on the face and legs.  This is very similar to the action of red coat color in bay horses limiting the expression of black to the "points" areas.

In coat color inheritance, black & white with brindle points is dominant to tri-color and also dominant to red or sable & white.  Tri-color (black & white with tan points) is the most recessive color in the breed; two tri-colored Cardigans bred together can only produce tri-color offspring.  Tri-color and red parents can produce tri-color and red offspring.  Black & white with brindle points bred to red or brindle can produce all acceptable colors except blue merle.

Donner.JPG (14900 bytes)    He started it all!

Champion Dorre Don's Incorrigible, CD

"Donner" our first Cardigan, pictured here as a six month old puppy. Donner was born in 1970 in the first Cardigan litter in San Diego County.  His sire, Am/Mex. Ch. Pera Brigwyn Blue, UDT, PCE, was the first in our breed to earn all AKC titles then available to the breed - and then some! Brig also earned a Mexican championship and equivalent of a CDX, and he was a Top Ten Sire.  Donner's dam, Ch. Dorre Don Serchus of Winsdown, UD was a Top Ten Dam and the daughter of Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue who was for many years tied for Top Producing Cardigan Sire of all time.  Donner was black & white with brindle points.

American/Canadian Champion   mimweb.JPG (9703 bytes)
Su-Ets Aelwyd Madam Mim

"Mim" is a great-great-granddaughter of Donner bred by Sueannette & Andrew Maniscalco.  She finished her Canadian championship from puppy class in 6 shows,  including RWB at the national specialty, and went on to win BOB over mature dogs.  In the US she won her first two majors from puppy class and finished with a third at the age of 16 months.  She has won several Best Of Breed awards in limited specials competition.  Mim is black & white with brindle points.


beckyweb.JPG (31322 bytes)

Champion Aelwyd Aberwyvern Baklava

Am/Can. Ch. Aelwyd Pirate Program, Can. CD X Redbud's Birthday Cake

"Becky" won Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners, Best Puppy and Best of Opposite Sex over specials at the Canadian National Specialty, with so many trophies it was hard to pack them all in the car when it was time for her to go home with her co-owner Marilyn Boissonneault (Aberwyvern Cardigans in Canada).  You can see that picture on Marilyn's web site:

Here's Becky when she came home to California to finish her championship.  Becky is another outstanding example of black & white with brindle points.


bertweb.JPG (17361 bytes)

Champion Aelwyd The Butler Did It, CD

Am/Can. Ch. Aelwyd Pirate Program, Can. CD X Redbud's Birthday Cake

"Bertie Wooster" finished his championship with 5, 4 and 3 point majors and promoted his lovely mother to ROM (Register of Merit). 


Moonie.JPG (8704 bytes)

Canadian/American/Bermudan Champion Aelwyd Finnshavn Moonshine, Canadian/American/Bermudan CD

                           Am/Mex. Ch. Pera Brigwyn Blue, UDT, PCE X                            
Am/Mex. Ch. Finnshavn Trailwyn Tarif

Much-titled tri-color "Moonie" was born in California and went back to the Canadian breeder of her mother Terri who welcomes you to our home page. Over the years we have traded breeding stock with Charlie MacInnes of Finnshavn in Canada and today both lines trace back to Terri's Canadian roots, Moonie's sire Brig and our Donner & Dragon.  Moonie was the first and still only Cardigan female to hold championship and obedience titles in those three countries, as her half-brother Buster is still the only American, Canadian and Mexican Champion & CD in the breed.  Moonie is the great-grandmother of Selkirk, the first Cardigan ever to win an all-breed Best In Show in Canada.  The perpetual trophy for Best Of Winners at the Canadian National Specialty show is dedicated to Moonshine who lived to be almost 17.

selkirk.JPG (10789 bytes)

Canadian/American Champion Finnshavn's Alexander Selkirk

 Am/Can. Ch. Tessaract's Pete Of Santana, Can. CD 
X Can/Am/Bda. Ch. Bawyni's Sweet Molly McGee

Uncle "Selkirk" was the first Cardigan to win an all-breed Best In Show in Canada, and he won at least 50 Group placements in Canada in his career.  His litter sister Millie, Can/Am. Ch. Finnshavn's Myfanwy, was the dam of our Super Dog Cobol (better known as The Great Pond Scum).  He is the color normally referred to as "tri-color," black & white with tan points.


Champion Aelwyd Just Tri It
Am/Can. Ch. Aelwyd Golygus Kokopelli
X Am/Can. Ch. Su-Ets Aelwyd Madam Mim

"Justin" grandson of Pond Scum and our current stud dog.  Justin's sire Gus  was Winners Dog at the 1994 Canadian National Specialty from puppy class. Justin is the sire of multiple Group placer Ch. Aelwyd El Milagro.


Champion Aelwyd Lemony Snicket
Ch. Coedwig's Ring Of Fire x Ch. Aelwyd Little Fox Of Escher

"Snickers" By a series of fortunate events her mother Audrey was returned to be part of our breeding program.  Snickers won Best In Puppy Sweepstakes at the CWCCSC Specialty in January 2009 then finished the year with several nice wins and a BBE Group III.  She won her first major at Palm Springs KC in January 2010, her second at Caņada del Oro KC in Tucson in March.


AND - The New Kid

Aelwyd The Trickster - "Loki"
Ch. Cheysuli Jumpin' Black Flash x Ch. Aelwyd Doņa Ana