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We divide our leisure time between having fun camping with our Cardigans and showing them.  Over the years we have owned or bred many successful show dogs including specialty winners in the U.S. and Canada.  Our dogs have earned nearly 100 championships in the United States, Canada and Mexico, many of them with obedience titles as well. This page brings you some of their highlights:

bullet1970: Our first Cardigan Donner was born in the very first Cardigan litter in San Diego County.
bullet1972: Donner finished his championship and CD and was #3 Cardigan in Novice obedience in the United States.
bullet1973: Vixen, our foundation bitch, was born. 
bullet1974: Vixen finished her championship at the age of 13 months.
bullet1978: Vixen's daughter Titania was Best Of Breed over specials from Bred-By Exhibitor Class at the Beverly Hills Kennel Club.
bullet1979: Donner & Vixen's son Flaming Dragon finished his championship from Puppy Class.  Vixen was chosen to represent the breed standard in "The Original Complete Dog Book" (TFH Publications).
bullet1980:  Vixen was Best Veteran Bitch & Best Brood Bitch at the first specialty show of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California.
bullet1981: Dragon's son Buster finished his American championship from Puppy Class with Best Of Breed over Group placing specials.
bullet1982: Percy's dam Elf was Best In Sweepstakes at the CWCCSC Specialty.
bullet1984: Dragon's grandson Blue Dragon Flame set a breed record as the youngest Group placer.
bullet1986: Lisa, Am/Can. Ch. Trailwyn Aelwyd Fur Elise, was Reserve Winners Bitch at the U.S. National Specialty.  Blue Dragon Flame's son Dragonslayer set a breed record in Canada as the youngest adult Group placer at 6 months and 3 weeks.
bullet1987: Lisa's son Ch. Aelwyd Hot Chocolate won Best In Sweepstakes & Winners Dog at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California Specialty at the age of 7 months.  The only other puppy in the litter was chosen to be one of the cast of "The Accidental Tourist" movie.
bullet1988: Canadian National Specialty; Buster won Best Of Winners & High Score in Obedience at the age of 8 1/2.  Percy was Reserve Winners Dog.
bullet1991: Canadian National Specialty; Angie's dam Ch. Aelwyd Perika Blaze Starr won Best Of Winners.
bullet1992: Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California Specialty; Raven won Best Of Opposite Sex.
bullet1992: Cobol's litter brother Cali won TWO Best Puppy In Group, then Best Of Winners & Best Puppy at the Canadian National Specialty, finishing his Canadian championship from Puppy class.  Cobol won Best Puppy In Group and finished championships in both countries from Bred By Exhibitor class.
bullet1993: Buster won Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at the CWCCSC specialty at the age of 13 years.
bullet1994: Canadian National SpecialtyCobol's son Gus was Winners Dog, Buster's son Ch. Aelwyd McGuinness McGee was Reserve Winners Dog,  Angie was Best Of Winners and Cobol was High Score in Obedience.  I had to leave clothes in Canada since the trophies took up most of my luggage space on the flight home.
bullet1995:  Cobol won Best In Specialty at the Canadian National Specialty.  His wins on that single weekend ranked him #7 in the breed nationally for the year.  He was High Score in Obedience at the California Specialty.  His 6-month-old daughter Vixen won a 5 point major the day after the specialty at the CWCCA and CWCCSC supported show and finished her championship that year from puppy class.
bullet1996:  Cobol was ranked in the Top Ten in the breed in the U.S. by "Canine Chronicle" magazine.
bullet1997: Cobol's daughter Becky won Best Of Winners, Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy at the Canadian National Specialty.   Cobol's granddaughter Shadow finished her championship from Bred-By Exhibitor Class at the age of 15 months.
bullet1998: Cobol's daughter Desiree won her second major at the CWCCA and CWCCSC supported show and finished from Bred-By Exhibitor Class with a third major a few weeks later. Shadow's son "Butch" (Aelwyd Tri 'N Stop Me) made his acting debut in a television commercial at the age of 4 months and went on to star in the "Dharma & Greg" sitcom. 
bullet1999: It was a very good year with 4 new champions.  Becky and Bertie Wooster finished their championships, boosting their lovely mother Cocoa to Bronze Level ROM.   Madam Mim, a beautiful black & white bred by our good friend Sueannette Wood, finished her Canadian championship from puppy class in only 6 shows.  Her wins included Best Of Breed over mature dogs and Reserve Winners at the national specialty.  Ch. Laphroig, a littermate of our Angie, also finished.
bullet2000: Thirty years since we started and Donner's descendents are still making us proud.  Madam Mim finished her American championship with a third major. Bertie & Shadow's son Commodore won five majors and finished his American championship in 14 shows at the age of 14 months from Bred By Exhibitor class.   (We figure 13 wasn't his lucky number!)  In the summer Commodore went to Canada where he was Best In Sweepstakes and RWD at the National Specialty and earned his Canadian championship in 6 shows, also from Bred By Exhibitor class, finishing with Best Of Breed over a group placing special.
bullet2001: There wasn't much dog activity as we planned a major move to Tucson.  
bullet2002: All settled in the house of our dreams. Justin was born here to be the understudy to Pond Scum.  Three dogs we bred and co-owned finished championships.
bullet2004: Justin, the Understudy, finished his championship.  We bought a new puppy Zorra, a daughter of Best In Show winner Am/Can. Ch. Reese's Bold As Brass.
bullet2006: Zorra is Ch. Reese's Intimate Suggestion.  Her first litter was born in 2005, daughter Serafina, Ch. Aelwyd After The Fox, won both her majors and a total of 9 points before she was 8 months old and finished from BBE class at 12 1/2 months. 
bullet2007: Zorra won an Award of Merit at the CWCCA Specialty show the same weekend daughter Audrey finished with a five point major, baby boy Rhys was WD for a four point major at 6 1/2 months and his sister Doņa Ana was Reserve to a five point major.  By the middle of April Doņa Ana had 2 majors from puppy class. So did Rhys with 11 points and a Best Puppy in Group! AND THEN, in May we attended the National Specialty where daughter Mazy won her large Sweepstakes class, Rhys and Doņa Ana placed second in their large classes,  Zorra and Serafina made the cut in a very large Best Of Breed entry.  By the end of the year Audrey was Ch. Aelwyd Little Fox Of Escher, Mazy was Ch. Aelwyd Amazing Flying Fox, Rhys was Ch. Aelwyd El Milagro.
bullet2008:  Doņa Ana finished her championship at a CWCCA supported show with her 4th major.  Rhys won four Group placements and an Award Of Merit at the CWCCSC specialty, Serafina's daughter June Carter placed in her large National Specialty Sweepstakes class, son Brody won a Best Of Breed over a special from puppy class and finished his championship later in the year to give Mama Zorra her ROM (Register of Merit) as a producer.
bullet2009: The year started out nicely.  At the CWCCSC specialty Zorra's granddaughter Snickers won Best In Puppy Sweepstakes, Rhys and Doņa Ana won Awards of Merit.  And then things went downhill.  I was in excellent health when we went to Albuquerque in May, two weeks later I was having open heart surgery.  That shot down a few months of dog shows!
bullet2010: Looks like a much better year. Snickers won her Open Bitch class at the CWCCSC specialty and Robbie won a major the next day at a national club supported show.  Snickers finished her championship making hers the 98th championship earned by dogs in my breeding program.  Who will be #100?  Doņa Ana produced a gorgeous litter and her lovely son Loki is growing up here as understudy to Granddad Justin.